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Actionauts FAQ

What is Actionauts?
Actionauts is the name of an unfinished Atari 2600 cartridge programmed and designed by Rob Fulop in the spring 1984. For more detailed info about the game, including it’s history and why it was never released, click HERE

How many copies of the cartridge exist?
One sole prototype existed as of October 1, 2007.  In April of 2008, 300 copies of a modified version of the original game were offered for sale to the Classic Gaming Community as a limited collector’s edition.   Scott Stilphens impressions of the original game can be read HERE.

Was the game modified of enhanced in preperation for sale?

Rob enlisted the help of John Payson to add more challenging levels to the game, as well as clean up some of the more prominent bugs in the game code.   One none-destructive glitch was purposefully left in the game, to emphasize the ‘unpolished’ nature of the game as a ‘work in progress’ and not a completed title.

How many copies of Actionauts were offered in the first edition run?
250 cartridges were made in the early part of 2008.   Rob designed all of the collatoral materials (box, manual, label) while AtariAge manufactured the actual cartridges by hand, inserting new ROM boards into repurposed old cartridge casings.

Were the limited edition copies of Actionauts numbered, similar to Cubicolor?
Yes. Both the original box, and cartridges were signed, and numbered.

Will the Actionaut binary code be made available, so that non-purchasers can play the game?
Yes. After the first run of carts are sold, the object code to Actionauts will be made available through this website.

When will there be a second run of Actionauts?
Most likely never. The plan was to build enough carts during the first run, to accommodate the market.

Can one still purchase a copy of the limited edition of Actionauts from Rob?
All interested collectors should go HERE for current information about the status of the limited edition version of the game.

Will the original prototype be offered for sale?
Yes. The prototype of Actionauts will be auctioned off sometime in 2008, packaged in a nifty display case which will also contain the original two pages of hand typed design documentation, and a personal letter from Rob stating that such is the only prototype of Actionauts that was ever made

Will anybody be allowed to bid on the prototype?
No, the auction will most likely be ‘private’ and limited to a short list of serious collectors. Interested collectors who consider themselves candidates for winning the auction for the original Actionauts prototype, are invited to introduce themselves to Rob at rob@robfulop.com before June 1, 2008.

Who owns the copyright to Actionauts after the sale of the prototype?
Rob retains copyright of the game, giving him the right to distribute additional copies of Actionauts either in cartridge, or electronic form.