Rob Fulop :
  • is a pioneer in the commercialization of interactive entertainment from it's earliest days at Atari
  • is the author/designer of over a dozen bestselling games of the last 25 years
  • has been on the founding team of several successful venture backed startups

You can browse his wikipedia bio, reviews of his games, and what Google thinks of him.

Many of Rob's original hit games have been bestsellers around the world, establishing new genres and changing the way people play with/on computers. Some of these games are among the most popular ever published, as well as the most "fun".

At PF. Magic, supervising a growing design staff, Rob invented the computer pet, and served as co-designer of DOGZ, the company's breakthru title which, together with spinoffs CATZ, ODDBALLZ, and over a dozen sequels have sold over seven million copies world-wide. DOGZ won countless awards, including the Oppenheimer Platinum Award of 1997. PF. Magic was acquired by The Learning Company in 1998, later by Mattel.


As the founder and Creative Director of PF.Magic, a "multimedia gulch" startup in 1990, Mr. Fulop produced and directed Third Degree for Phillips Interactive Media. Rob's second title for the CD-I platform, Max Magic went on to win the Melia Award for "Best New Entertainment Title" of 1995.

For Hasbro, America's largest toy company, from 1986-1988, Rob engineered the design and production of two feature length interactive movies. Both of these titles, Night Trap and Sewer Shark and were later released through Digital Pictures and were the company's two best selling CD-ROM titles. Night Trap being the first interactive movie ever offered to the gaming public, acheived a fair amount of noteriety, ultimatley resulting in an industry-wide adaption of a consumer "rating" system for games, similar to those in the feature film industry.


As an independent producer of interactive entertainment from 1983-1988, Rob's RabbitJack's Casino for AOL, quickly became the online industries first "hit", and was ported to four platforms

As the lead game designer at Imagic, a high growth video game start-up, .Rob crafted two of the company's three best selling products, Demon Attack, which was voted Billboard's Video Game of the Year in 1982, Cosmic Ark, which sold over one million copies, and Fathom. Rob was named Billboard's Video game Designer of the Year in 1983.

He joined the original Atari in 1980 where he developed home versions of Night Driver , Space Invaders, and Missile Command, which sold over 2.5 million copies

Rob is currently focused on the Internet as a platform for wide-scale distribution of social entertainment experiences he is currently developing.

Rob has spoken at virtually all of the industry's leading conferences, and has been profiled in a range of publications including Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Forbes, and Wired Magazine.

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